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Airfix 02005b 1:72nd scale RAF Red Arrows Hawk 50th anniversary display season

New Airfix scale model kit

KINETIC K48083 1:48th scale F-104G Germany Air Force and Marine

New Dora Wings Scale model kit

KINETIC K72001 1:72nd scale F-16I Israel Air Force "Sufa" (Storm)

New Kinetic Scale model kit

KINETIC 72002 1:72nd scale F-16D Block 52+ Hellenic Air Force Polish Air Force

New Kinetic Scale model kit

Eduard 11102 1:48th scale Dawn Patrol combo 2 kits SPAD XIII & Fokker D.VII + art Print


1:48th scale

Dawn Patrol

combo 2 kits


+ Fine art Print

AMG 48601 Arsenal Model Group 1:48th scale Sea Fury F MK10

New AMG Model kit

CMK Resin scale model RA052 1:35th scale Skoda PA.II Turtle Cz. Armoured Car

CMK resin scale model kit

CMK Resin scale model RA047 1:35th scale German WWII Sd.Anh. 473 Field Caravan

CMK Scale Resin model kit

Eduard 82101 1:48th scale Profipack P-51D-5

Eduard scale model kit

Airfix 03702 1:48th scale British Forces Vehicle Crew Herrick Afghanistan

New Airfix Scale model kit

Airfix 03701 1:48th scale British Infantry Patrol Herrick Afghanistan

Airfix scale model kit
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Eduard Triple combo 1:72nd scale Nasi se vraceji MK.IX Spitfire kit

Eduard scale model kit

Pro Teck Modelling Tools set of 10 Ergonomic Handle Sable Blend Brushes sizes 5 too 00000

New Paint brush set

Pro Teck Modelling Tools Fine Line Brushes set of 5 sizes 1-5

New Set if fine line brushes

Pro Teck Modelling tools Weathering brush set 4 Weathering brushes

New Set of Brushes for weathering model kits

Pro Teck Modelling tools 5" curved Modellers Forceps

New Pro Teck Modelling tools